About BellaBoca
Bella Boca Public Relations & Events wants your brand, business, events and campaigns to BE HEARD! Bella Boca is a boutique public relations firm with an event planning and management component based in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC.

By building a cohesive brand that speaks to a targeted public a business can excel. Bella Boca utilizes strategic research and planning to cultivate ideas to best execute strategies and tactics to achieve a company’s mission.

Through the media and the public a business can generate and increase knowledge about specific messages such as product launches. Bella Boca can assist with these media relations needs to make your messages BE HEARD!

With experience and training in the corporate and entertainment sector, we understand the importance of detailed and timely planning which enables the obtainment of organized logistics to result in a seamless event.

In regards to events, we work with clients to THINK of their desired event outcome. Using this information we develop the THEME for the affair. Once the theme is acquired we are able to PLAN the event logistics and so our clients able to enjoy their EVENT!