BellaBoca Services
Bella Boca can assist businesses and ideas achieve goals through several functions of public relations:

  • Branding
    What are you all about? BE HEARD! Say it through themes, colors, pictures and presence. Bella Boca can facilitate the message you want portrayed.

  • Community Relations / Grassroots Marketing
    Target your campaign toward a defined community or demographic, plan your approach, execute and BE HEARD! in the marketplace.

  • Promotions
    Find your audience and the best way to BE HEARD! to that demographic. Is it radio, an online approach, direct marketing , social media or print? Using these avenues and research can help create the perfect promotions strategy.

  • Media Relations
    BE HEARD! through media channels to get your businessí news so the public can know what you have to offer and whatís new.

  • Publicity
    BE HEARD! through extensive mention in the news media or by word of mouth and other means of communication, Bella Boca can help derive a powerful media campaign to flood the market with your brand or message.

  • Professional Writing
    Websites, biographies, media kits and other materials should be written in a tight, concise manner so that readers can comprehend information immediatley. BE HEARD! through authoritative words in a professional manner.

  • Sponsorships
    Bella Boca can develop events and campaigns with sponsorship components to help organizations BE HEARD! through philanthropy and signature initiatives.

  • Event Planning
    THINK about the impact you would like your event to have, Bella Boca will then create a THEME for the event, PLAN the details and execute a memorable EVENT!